Keep Your Mouth Shut and Come with Us (6/21/1987)

The focus of this message is on pastoral honesty and integrity, drawing heavily on Billy Grahams' autobiographical reflections of his relationship with President Richard Nixon. 


In Praise of Extravagance (11/15/87)

This contrasts the woman who pours costly perfume over Jesus with the measured response of most churches and the timidity of many preachers.


A Matter of Labor and Delivery (12/20/1987)

A Christmas message that moves from maternity to theology… from the delivery of Mary's baby, to the Jesus who comes to deliver us.


OK Buster, It's Your Turn to Dry (3/29/1992)

Here we wrestle between forgiving and forgetting, all the while pondering how the Prodigal re-enters  the family structure in the days and weeks following the "Welcome Home" party.


Where Everybody Knows Your Name (6/20/1993)

The sermon that concludes 13 years in the  pulpit at Nardin Park UMC.


Nets dropped at Daybreak (9/9/1984)

Beginning the Fall Season with a fishing story about Jesus and the Disciples.